Pay Parking Update

John Gorton Building East car park - Light replacements 24 July to 30 September 2017

Overhead lights will be replaced in the car park located adjacent to the John Gorton Building, Parkes (JBG East car park).  The new lights will improve visibility and safety for car park users, and will meet Australian Standards and be more energy efficient.  

Construction equipment will be operated in the car park during the works. Approximately half of the car park will remain open during the construction period.  Temporary traffic management arrangements will be in place during the works.

There are a number of alternative car parks in the area as illustrated on the map below.


West Block - Main multi-stay car park

During Parliamentary sitting days the West Block carpark will only be available to parliamentary pass-holders. At other times, the general public can use the carpark. Parking inquiries from parliamentary pass-holders should be made to the Department of Parliamentary Services.

Withdrawal of Parking Infringement Notices issued 1-5 August 2015

The National Capital Authority (NCA) will be withdrawing Parking Infringement Notices (PINs) issued during the period of 1-5 August 2015.

This is due to an administrative error resulting in infringements being issued below the legislative penalty amount. This will affect 309 PINs issued during this time.

Those who have already paid these infringements will be refunded the full amount. The NCA will not be reissuing the fines at the higher dollar amount and are simply retracting the original PINs.

To process the withdrawal, the NCA requires those issued with these affected PINs to phone the free call number, 1800 772 403.

First quarter statistics 

As part of the National Capital Authority’s commitment to managing pay parking on National Land, statistics for the first quarter of operation of the scheme have been released.

For the reporting period of 1 October 2014 until 31 December 2014:

  • 353 039 parking tickets have been purchased. This is made up of over 259 813 multi-stay (long stay) pay parking tickets and approximately 93 226 short-stay parking tickets
  • 4600 parking infringements were issued
  • ticket machine uptime (a measure of reliability) was 99.91 per cent.

There have been many positive outcomes in the first three months following implementation of the scheme. The NCA has noted visitors to national institutions now have convenient access to parking spaces in Canberra’s Central National Area.

The NCA has seen a reduction in illegal and dangerous parking on National Land, and an increase in bus patronage within the National Triangle.

Furthermore, the consistent feedback from the national institutions has been that 'visitors have commented favourably on the availably of car parks when they visit'.

The NCA will continue to update and publish quarterly figures on its website with the second period due to end in April 2015.

On 1 October 2014, the National Capital Authority introduced pay parking arrangements spanning approximately 9000 car spaces in Acton, Barton, Parkes and the Russell precinct.

Credit Card Transactions

The National Capital Authority is aware that some customers have recently received charges against their credit cards for parking on National Land. These transactions are not a double charge, they are older encrypted transactions, not previously submitted to the bank, now being processed automatically.

A software upgrade to the ticket machines commenced in mid February, this work has resulted in some parking payments being processed now.

The NCA would like to reassure customers that that their credit card details remain encrypted and have not been hacked by an external source.

If customers require confirmation that they have not been overcharged, we request that they provide us with the first six and last four numbers of their credit card in question. Please email The NCA will use this information to return by email a list of the parking ticket purchases that the credit card charges relate to.

Pay Parking

Pay parking commenced in Parkes, Barton, Russell and Acton on Wednesday 1 October 2014. The hours of parking operation are 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

The introduction of pay parking aims to prioritise spaces for visitors to the national institutions and will assist with ongoing parking management on National Land.

The National Capital Authority manages the pay parking arrangements on behalf of the Australian Government, including the enforcement of breaches of parking regulations. The National Land (Road Transport) Ordinance 2014 [External Link] establishes the National Capital Authority as the administering authority for enforcement of parking regulations on National Land.

Legislation has also been introduced that makes it an offence to park a vehicle on open space and landscaped areas. This includes access paths, grassed areas and paved surfaces in and around the national institutions, Old Parliament House Gardens, and East and West Lawns. Vehicles driving and parking on open space can impact pedestrian access and safety, and cause damage to the landscape such as tree roots, plants and irrigation infrastructure. 

Click here for maps on where pay parking applies on National Land.

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