Guidelines for the Use of National Land

The National Capital Authority (NCA) is responsible for the management of some of Canberra's most nationally and culturally significant landscapes and attractions. We are keen to see National Land used and enjoyed by visitors and Canberra residents alike for a range of recreational uses. We do, however, need to ensure an appropriate balance of public access to National Land with the protection of national assets.

To prevent damage to natural and built assets, and to avoid interference to others, we ask everyone using these areas to abide by the following guidelines.

Your assistance in these matters is greatly appreciated. For further information and advice, please contact the NCA Estate Approvals and Compliance Officer, ph: 6271 2888.

Estate Usage Guidelines


  • Leave the area as you found it;
  • Drive vehicles only on roads and park in designated parking areas;
  • Use grass areas for training, but please alternate areas and movement patterns to avoid creating tracks;
  • Use paths for walking and running-based exercise;
  • Restrict your usage of bollards and paths to those that are concrete and asphalt. Only these materials can withstand high impact activity;
  • Collect all waste and liquids in suitable containers and dispose of them properly;
  • Obtain a works approval before inserting pegs or stakes or affixing any item, sign or poster to land, trees, buildings, guardrails, flagpoles, heritage features or other fixed structures. Click here to send us an Application Form; and
  • Show respect for the public space and share the space with other users.


  • Drive or park on grassed or landscaped areas. From 1 October 2014, NCA Parking Inspectors will monitor National Land in the central parts of Canberra, and you will be fined for this offence;
  • Drag heavy items across wet ground or grass;
  • Use stone-paved areas for impact generating activities (eg. medicine ball throwing, log/tyre flipping);
  • Use trees, bollards, balustrades, signs, or flagpoles for weight-bearing activities;
  • Use stone-paved retaining walls for any exercise. Many of these products are expensive to repair. They are designed for general public use, not repeated high impact use;
  • Use any memorial, artwork or other commemorative work as part of your exercise routine; and
  • Write on, or mark, walls or paved areas.

The following legislation and policies apply to usage of these areas:

  • Lake Burley Griffin and Adjacent Lands Heritage Management Plan 2009
  • National Capital Authority Events Policy 2013
  • National Capital Plan
  • National Land Ordinance 1989
  • Trespass on Commonwealth Lands Ordinance 1932
  • Roads and Public Places Ordinance 1925
  • National Land (Road Trasnport) Ordinance 2014 (the Ordinance)
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